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uMkumbane Mixed Use

This is my latest design, which I presented last Friday.

The brief for this project called for a Mixed Use building (residential/commercial/offices) in uMkumbane, Cato Manor, which is quite a poor area in Durban. The building was meant to act as something of an acupuncture into the area, a catalyst for further development of a positive urban environment.

It was generally quite a theoretical project, which was super rad! Some theory reports here and here.

And now for some pretty pictures..






night front


Model built with ArchiCAD, rendered with Artlantis Studio, and this time I tried touching the 35mm film rendered images up with Adobe Light Room. I'm very pleased with the result, as the plain renders always come out looking a little over exposed and low contrast, so LR made a big difference.

I've got a couple of little changes to make before portfolio at the end of the year, but otherwise at the moment I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm also overwhelmingly happy that design is almost completely over for this year. So I can finally get some sleep!
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