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197 Florida Road

Project 2 was an art gallery for Florida Road, a particularly trendy boulevard of clubs, restaurants and businesses in Durban. We were given a small, flat public park just opposite Spiga D'Oro restaurant as our site, and "femininity" as a general concept to elaborate on.

This project was a whole lot more fun than the last one. It was a lot shorter, and since I'd had design principles drilled into me pretty hard by the last one, I was a little more confident in my design this time around. I was also more competent with the software (ArchiCAD and Artlantis) this time around, so the drawings and renders came out much better.

Eating area



Gordon Road




I'm still a lot happier with this design than the previous one, but as always, I can't help looking back as I wrte this and thinking about all the things I would change. I wonder if Mies Van Der Rohe ever got this feeling..
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