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Cluster Housing..

I thought I'd kick off the recycling process with my three design projects from this term. I've done renders of all of them with some pretty awesome software, so the posts are mostly just flashy pictures. Nothing too technical.

My first project was a pretty unrealistic brief for a cluster housing development on a site on campus. A massive valley that forms about the only green space in the whole university, as it is a protected reserve. The brief called for a club house, and twenty residential units, arranged to take full advantage of the transitional spaces (that which they were considering the almos vertical slopes)

It was a pretty annoying project,and seemed to draw on for ever and ever, but eventually this is what I produced.




Eating area

Living Area

Looking back I'm pretty disappointed really, but its all about developing as a designer I suppose.

These were also my first real attempts at using any computer based drawing techniques, so the CAD work is super mediocre, and the renders aren't great. At the time I was really excited though, and the software is really great. I used ArchiCAD for the buildings, and rendered them with Artlantis.
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