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Hello World!

I've decided to move across from Wordpress to Blogger.
Right now it just suits me better. Mainly because I already use Blogger for submitting to two other blogs, and because I can customise this one without having to pay for it! =P

Hiroshima Sunrise is what I've been calling my little folk project for a while now, but I thought the name relevant enough to use for this too. Half portfolio, half personal blog, this will serve as a collection of projects, photos, music, designs, writing and whatever else I feel like putting up.

I always thought blogging was a bit of a waste of time, but to be honest its really fun. And even if no one reads this or looks at my pretty pictures, at least I have something to do when I should be working and would really rather not.

My old posts can be found at my old Wordpress blog. I'm going to move my favourite ones over to here though when I get a chance.
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