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This is Sparta!

It must be said, that I have never been a big rugby fan. Sure I enjoy a game if I'm watching it with my friends, but I've never really followed it, or watched a match on my own even.

However, the other day I was channel hopping, and I caught an interview with Victor Matfield. I had never seen this man before. This is a terrible thing to say, but I think I support the Bulls now (But not really). He looks like some sort of war hero straight from Valhalla. If he rode up to my house on a massive stallion and told me to follow him into battle I would drop everything in an instant.

Ok. This is coming out a lot gayer than it sounded in my head. All I'm saying is the man should be our president. I remember reading Malcolm Gladwell's book Blink a little while ago, in which he writes a chapter about Warren Harding, about how he was a terrible American president, but that everyone loved him because he had a certain charisma that inspired an irrational sense of trust. I finally get that.

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