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Ilchester Site

I've got this long running project for my Technology course at varsity, for which I have to do a PBS (practical building study) of a residential project from the ground up.. So all year I've been visiting this site kinda near my house and taking photos, and doing sketches, and all the rest, from foundation stages all the way up to this point..

View from street
Back veranda

Gang nail truss

I took these photos a little while ago (yes, another Wordpress re-post, but probably the last). Unfortunately, when I go in the week I kind of have to wait for the builders to pack up and leave so the lighting's not too great in some of the shots, but its all good..




I just love building sites. There's something about all the textures, and the colours, and the sense of something to come that just gets me so amped. This looks to be rather a pretentious, ugly big house.. But I think its quite beautiful at this stage.

Brick and rubble


Maybe it was just the Bon Iver in my ears, the half dark or the site itself, but there's something of an atmosphere all of its own to a place like this..

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