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Kiss me, Kate

These past two days I've developed a new little guilty pleasure:

Youtube channel of the beautiful and very talented Kate McGill. She has some rather pretty originals, but she's attracted quite some attention for her huge collection of covers by popular artists, such as Kids by MGMT. She also sings a lot of less well known stuff, like a Blood Bank cover by Bon Iver that makes me want to swim across the Atlantic ocean to England for her.


So go check her stuff out, but don't watch too many, and don't look into her eyes, or you'll never leave.

In other news, I watched New Moon yesterday. Its certainly not totally aweful, but you will cringe at some of the CG and you will want to kill Bella. Totally unstable. Also, Robert Pattinson makes it more and more obvious just how much he hates being tween-vampire-romance-fantasy poster boy.

I do think I want to go and buy a few V-necked shirts and a cool blazer though. Seems chicks dig it.
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