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Aaaah, December.

I've been rather lazy lately. Its been a while since I last blogged, at least a good while before Christmas. Um.. Sorry about that.

I went to watch Avatar today.
Well, the CG stuff is mind blowingly beautiful, and the 3D was damn cool, but other than that, lets just say, if you find yourself at a cinema trying to decide what to watch sometime this summer, maybe go for Twilight.
Yeah. That boring.

Other than that, since I've been back in Durban I've been working some crappy jobs, eating a LOT of great Christmas food, reading some interesting stuff, writing songs, playing ping pong and a lot of other things that I might deem interesting enough to tell you about sometime in the week.

But until then I have only this to share:

Yesterday (or the day before maybe) I did a little work on my Myspace page. Its really simple with a nice little header, but really, I can't stand flashy Myspace band pages so that's that.

So if you've never heard my songs, or you want to add me as a friend (please?), or whatever, go have a look see.
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