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Smile Like You Mean It

Tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock I will be stepping onto a bus at Durban station, and sitting on that bus till 4 o'clock when it arrives in Jo'burg, all because by 6 o'clock tomorrow night I'll be at the Coca Cola Dome, waiting with baited breath for Zebra and Giraffe to start playing because when they're finished, the Killers come on.

Stoke face.

I can't express my excitement in words. The Killers are one of my absolute favourite bands. I've loved them from the first time Barney Simon played Mr Brightside on the Night Zoo and even stuck with them when everyone else played it on repeat for months. They truly are a great band.

Suffice to say you're unlikely to hear anything from me for about a week or so. I'll be up in Gauteng with a few friends. I promise to reply to e-mails and everything else when I get back, which will probably be sometime around the 10th.

Sala kahle

We have a tradition amoungst my friends of holding Gentlemen's Evenings every few months. Suits. Poker. Whiskey. We had one last night, so I'll put more photos up when I get back, but for now check out the set on Flickr.
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