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Miss me?

I've been away for a little while, and a lot's happened since my last post. Right now I'm pretty tired from traveling and not in the greatest of moods so I'm off to have a nap, but details are coming.

For now I thought I'd share something I though quite profound that I saw on my way back from Jo'burg. Maybe its a little cheesy, but here goes:

For non South Africans, vrede means peace, but it also happens to be a little town in Gauteng. And that's my shoe in the front window of the bus I was traveling on.

Since then, I've been to a funeral, seen some pretty old buildings, listened to a lot of sad music, introduced my dad to indie rock 'n roll and started writing a new little song that's turning out to be about as much about Jo'burg as the last one was about Pretoria...
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