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This is something a little different from my usual sort of folk acoustic stuff. Sometime last year I started developing a bit of an interest in electronic music. Its a whole lot of fun to make and I've got mad respect for producers in just about any genre.

Anyway. This is one of my very first attempts at anything remotely electro. Its got a sort of jazzy/deep house feel to start with but it jumps all over the place. Pretty cheesy most of the time, but in my defense I had no idea what I was doing.

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I have subsequently done a few more tracks, some of which I might just share with you one day.

In other news, I spend a fair portion of my weekend listening to Bombay Bicycle Club. I've had their album about 4 months now, I still can't get over these guys. They really are the shizzle. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I'm one of two people in this country that actually owns their first album, the other being my friend nick.

You're gonna have to order it, but they're well worth it.
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