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Ah, Nostalgia!

The strangest thing has been happening lately. A whole lot of people from Brazil/Argentina/the Mediterranean have been joining my old high school garage band's fan group on Facebook. There's literally been no activity on the page since 13 January 2008, and the band's been pretty much dissolved since before then even, so it's pretty odd.

It did get me reminiscing a little though, and I had a look around and pulled out a couple of old recordings and gig-flyers.

First ever 'gig'. A church battle of the bands. We had a few songs, long fringes and a lot of friends (read: rent-a-crowd). We even got a girl's bra thrown on stage at one point, which is pretty impressive for a rock show in a church hall I must say.

We sounded exactly as you would expect a high school garage band to sound. A little bit of punk, a little bit of rock, some grundge and metal and hardcore and indie thrown in too. You get the idea. This was recorded two years ago at my 18th birthday party.

(RSS/Facebook link)

My party. My band playing. Pretty sweet.

At some stage we had some free time and set up some mic's and did a terrible little demo recording. The Seul est the Wolf Demo contains classics like Mink:

(RSS/Facebook link)

..and a few others, such as this little improv:

(RSS/Facebook link)

Suffice to say its been a while since we've played any shows, and the Durban music scene is probably all the better for that decision. The last nail in the coffin of EC came on the 9th of July 2008 when, with a slight line up change and a new name (CMYK) we played our small repertoire of songs with our friends Lieutenant Vinyl and The Ranks at Big Wednesday.

Onto bigger and better things: I am working on material for a new band with Tyler, who played bass in EC, and Sean, who joined us on guitar for CMYK. We're moving towards a very dance-punk inspired form of indie rock 'n roll that should have Durban dancing and smiling as soon as we get our act together.

I'm certainly excited.
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