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Yesterday, my dad found a box of old photos and things that had belonged to my grandad. Our house is still full of boxes and random pieces of furniture in odd places as I mentioned before, but we're going through them all slowly and making some progress. There were some pretty awesome old photographs which I may scan and post up here if I feel so inclined one day, but for now I three really cool old post cards to share:

I love seeing old photos of cities that I know. Its like looking at a really good friend's baby photos. The caption on the back of this first post card reads:

JOHANNESBURG: Hillbrow. The 271m (889 ft.) J.G. Strijdom micro-wave Tower at Hillbrow is the highest structure in Southern Africa and in good weather can be seen from as far as 80km (50 miles) away. Photo by B.K. Bjornsen

I really loved this old photo of the Carlton Centre, standing loftily above a rather different looking 1970's Jo'burg.

Lastly my favourite: A wonderful old photo of Durban. I'm not sure when exactly this photo, accredited to a Mr. John Hone, was taken, but the post card is dated 11/11/85. The arrow drawn in blue pen on the post card points to the block of flats my dad stayed in when he first moved to Durban.

Varsity starts in a week. Holidays have been great, but I am quite looking forward to a bit of purpose again. Expect a lot for Architecture related posts in the next few months!
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