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Yakka First Semester/2010

Wow! Its been a long time since I blogged last. Well, been back at varsity for two weeks now, and I've done/seen/learnt one or two interesting things.

For starters, Yesterday afternoon I helped organise the first Yakka party for this year. Yakka is basically just a sort of punch made from Vodka, lemons, sugar and ice with lemonade, or lime cordial added to taste. Its cheap, relatively easy to make and good for making large volumes. I had a few cups, but the large majority went to the 70+ other people who attended, and proceeded to stumble their way to the Varsity pool once the supply had run out.

We started, at 1:30 with a fashion show put on by the new, First Year students. We (the third years) issued them a brief last Monday at their first lecture, which read as follows:

We weren't really expecting much. To be honest we were expecting most of them to just blow it off, but it actually went REALLY well. It was a huge success. I was involved in judging, and took some photos from the table in front of the ramp (built out of tables from studio). Here are some highlights:

And the winners of the competition:

Yeah, that's all gateway and butcher paper. Pretty damn impressive. You can find more photos from the event here, on Flickr.

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