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Something I'm quite excited about, is that next month Mark Driscoll, one of my favourite blogger/preachers is coming to Durban and I'm going to see him speak. I feel kind of like I've got tickets to see some big rock band. Pretty amped.

Its happening on the 6th of March at Glenridge church. If you're interested, you can get more details on my Youth's blog, and find out how to register etc..

Mark writes for a great blog I subscribe to called The Resurgence, he's well rounded, eloquent and rather outspoken (which is probably why I like him so much!) I first came across his blog after reading Rob Bells books of which he was a major critic. Interestingly he seems to have become almost as provocative as Bell is.
He says things like:

"My desire as a christian pastor is to see churches raised up as communities of grace ruled by Jesus and led by his gloriously masculine men who work their jobs, eat their meat, drink their beer, romance their wives, study their Bible, and raise their kids in glory and joy."

This comes from a short book of his I've been reading (mainly because it was free on their website) called Porn Again Christian. Really good stuff.
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