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I've Done You Wrong

Its been a while since I did a new music post, but I thought it was about time I did.
A couple days ago a posted a little poem-effort-thing in a note with the same title as this one. Well, you guessed it, those few lines have become a song.

It goes like this:

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Since I'm still on holiday, I've had a lot of free time on my hands, so I've been writing and recording and scrunching up paper and throwing around guitars quite a bit. Admittedly this one may be rather over produced, but it was really a lot of fun seeing what I could do with a really simple song and some new software I've been playing with.

I also added some electric guitar stuff which I haven't done on a Hiroshima Sunrise song before, so that was quite exciting. Not sure I'm too happy with the tone though; I'm starting to see the flaws of this stupid web cam mic technique.

As always, trying anything too complex always serves to show up my lack of expertise. Lesson of the day: James is NOT a sound technician. Hell! Multiple equalizers and effects on multiple channels are fun, but not easy, so excuse the shoddy quality in sections. (Big sections.)

Hope you like it.
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