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I can't say I've been very productive with my holidays, well not with the important stuff. I've been very productive as far as food-eating, fun-having, sunburnt-getting, etc, goes.

Also, I've been writing and recording a whole lot of new stuff! I've got a couple more lined up, but for now, you get this:

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In comparison to the others I've been doing lately, this one's very stripped down. Just one guitar track and a couple of vocal tracks.

I'm not sure why I've been writing such morbid stuff lately, but I really enjoyed doing this one. I suppose its very traditional/folky compared to my usual stuff, but I quite like it and I hope you do to.

My comment boxes are looking very empty. I'd really love to hear from anyone who reads my posts, however seldom you do. I recently checked my Analytics for this site and I'm really excited to see my little map getting greener and greener. So if you're here from Belgium, Spain, India, Japan, New Zealand, etc. I'd particularly like to hear from you!
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