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Durban Beach Front (Site office?)

Although, as I said in my last post, my cynicism for the World cup has waned considerably, what comes up a lot in conversations about all the new development is just what are we going to do with all the new infrastructure once its all over.

Some of the larger new buildings are a bit of a concern especially: can we expect a massive revival of the use of these spaces, or are we to be stuck with a beautiful promenade of empty, degrading white elephants..

This particular intervention has me totally confused. What is it? To me it looks like a site office with a bit of cosmetics, but its not being used for anything right now.. Perhaps a crafts stall like the ones further up the beach. But why just one? Either way, the faux African wattle canopy is a bit cheesy, which is unfortunate, because on the whole the rest of the new development seems to have subtly steered away from such sentimentality quite nicely.

Excuse the bottom left corner photo. I took that on my way to the fan park for the first game. I was a little excited to say the least, and most of the pictures from that night are pretty blurry.
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