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Durban Beach Front (Addington)

Every now and then I get a bit sentimental and think that, since I've lived in Durban my whole life, I really SHOULD be able to surf.

I own a surf board. Kinda. So yesterday was one of those days, and I headed down to Addington Beach, where the waves are small and manageable and had a go. Suffice to say I had a good time, the details aren't important.

The upgrades to beach down there are pretty damn awesome though. They've built (or rather, are finishing building) a new surf lifesaving and medics' building. I'm really liking the concrete/brick/aluminium materiality that runs through most of the new interventions. This one brings in an extra, feature element of coloured bricks, which I think looks really great!

The bathrooms are really well considered. The cisterns are built into the walls, there are no seat covers to broken or stolen, and pretty much everything looks as if it can simply be hosed down in one go whenever they get dirty, which, if you've ever used a beach front public toilet, you'll know to be a very important scheme.

Quick music recommendation: Johnny Flynn. I'm really into the whole London Folk scene at the moment. There are a lot of really great artists coming out of there. There's something special about folk artists from big cities. Check him out. Really good stuff.
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