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KSIA (Cooling Tower)

My sister flew in from Port Elizabeth yesterday, so I took the opportunity to wonder around the new King Shaka International airport while I was there to pick her up.

I was pretty impressed for the most part. The terminal's pretty ordinary, but to be fair there aren't a whole lot of exciting terminals out their, since the scale doesn't really lend itself to very creative architecture. There are a couple of really interesting little features around it though, and I got quite carried away taking photos (It was really overcast though, so sorry about the picture quality).

To the far left of the main terminal is a small oval plan structure that I really liked. Its almost impossible to find any information about the airport, but from what I could work out its some sort of A.C. plant/cooling tower arrangement with security offices and an airport shuttle stop. The paving and street furniture also looks really great!

Pretty sexy. Drop me a comment if you know any details.
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