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Durban Beach Front (Moyo)

The past few weeks have been pretty incredible. I was quite cynical of the World Cup and all the wealth and abundance it promised to provide our country, but now, half way through the tournament I'm absolutely loving it!

Durban's never looked cleaner, safer and more alive! The effects are most evident along the beach front. I've been down there quite a lot lately, at the fan park, watching bands, enjoying the beach; and I had a camera with me the last few times, so the next few posts will focus on the development in the area.

For now I'll include a really nice new little bar that's been build out on the pier just past Addington beach. I had a beer there the other day with a couple of friends. Its a really beautiful spot.

The beauty of a lot of the new development, and this building in particular, is in its simplicity, both in plan form and materiality, definitely a nice upgrade to the old blue and yellow tile cladding that was so characteristic of the old beach front buildings.
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