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Splashy Fen (part 2)

Varsity started again on Tuesday for me, which explains my apparent lack of interest in continuing my little series on Splashy Fen, but I've got a minute to spare so here comes part two of Bands-I-Thought-Were-Awesome.

Yes, they are as incredible as their name and that photo suggests.

I'd never seen these guys before since they're from Jo'burg, but a friend of mine had been raving about them all day, so I went to see them on Sunday night. They played a kind of fast, dirty, blues and punk influenced rock 'n roll, finishing with a fantastic cover of King of the Swingers from the Jungle book!

The huge, eight piece band barely fit on the small stage, but they had some serious vibe and had the whole tent dancing and tapping their feet!

Go check these guys out! Now!
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